Shine on Us

from by The Soundscapes



It’s time for us to hit the road now
I’m gonna drive us to the land of the setting sun
So light a cigarette and feel the wind blowing your mind

The sky will be the entertainer
This road will take us to the place where we began
To behave like in our dreams
Nothing is quite what it seems
Feel the blues kickin’ in once again

And if you feel you need to rest
Lay your head down on my shoulder
I’ll be driving to the West
There will be our promised land
Where dreams come true
Our little Hollywood
The stars will shine on us, they’ll shine on us

Baby, you probably think I’m a fool
Honey I know I’ve let you down many times before
But all I ask from you is to trust me just one more time

So tell me then about this new plan
Honey I told you I will drive us to the West
There we’ll be taken care of
Our dreams will hit the shore
I’ll stop running from the Law, please come with me

And if you promise you will stay
Out of trouble all the way
I may leave with you tonight
‘Cos I’m still in love with you
That is so true
You’re my little Hollywood
The stars will shine on us, they’ll shine on us
Shine on us


from A Lifetime A Minute, released October 30, 2014



all rights reserved


The Soundscapes São Paulo, Brazil

Guitars in a trance, pulsating drums, harmonic vocals and dreamy lyrics

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